It’s almost never about how you start, but how you finish. Finish strong!

👋   Hey, I’m David, a coding explorer with two decades of backend adventures. From Lisp’s elegance to Haskell’s rigor, I’ve navigated a wide range of languages, stacks, and paradigms. Ruby, Scala, Elixir, Typescript - I’ve applied them all and I keep learning

⚙️   My skill set? Crafting distributed systems, building infrastructure, scaling developer tools, and tinkering with compilers. It’s not just a job; it’s a tech odyssey which has kept me excited and full-filled for a long time.

🤝   I’ve worn the captain’s hat, led crews, and learned that projects thrive on people power. You can’t steer a vessel through wind, weather, and hardship without a skilled crew.

🌐   Nowadays I’m Senior Architect at New Work SE, where I support my crew, the cloud platform team, to bring the organization into the cloud.

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🔗   Talks

I’ve talked about the way we built a GraphQL gateway at the GraphQL Europe conference in 2018