Dynamic Emergence: The Quadfecta of Common LispIn the ongoing debate about the best tools for software development, the dichotomy between dynamic and static environments has long been a point of March 6, 2024 common lisp type systems programming

It is dead, Jim!Common Lisp is dead, libraries haven’t seen updates in years, the tooling is ancient, the language standard hasn’t changed in decades, the community is old …. I love it. An island of sanity in the midst of an insane tech world. Common Lisp isn’t dead, it’s sane. February 3, 2024 common lisp

One billion row challenge in Common LispHow fast can Common Lisp process one billion rows of data? Let’s find out. January 27, 2024 common lisp projects 1brc

Braces - compiler and virtual machine for a scheme dialectI was keen to learn rust and dive into "crafting interpreters" so I ended up implementing a compiler and VM for a small scheme dialect. December 31, 2023 rust projects braces

Implement DNS in a weekend in common lispI had some time on my hand during a weekend and I have never built a DNS resolver before, so here is my version of "Implement DNS in a weekend" December 31, 2023 common lisp dns projects

CL-Braces - compiler and virtual machine for a subset of golangLet's build a compiler and virtual machine for a subset of golang December 31, 2023 common lisp cl-braces go projects